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BP towards green hydrogen

BP towards green hydrogen

Source: Theguardian.com

BP together with Ørsted, the offshore wind power developer is planning to enter the growing market of green hydrogen. They want to develop a hydrogen project in one of their German refineries.

Both enterprises plan to generate gas from renewable energy collected in the North Sea farm by decomposing hydrogen and oxygen in Lingen, BP’s refinery from 2024.

They will use a 50 MW industrial electrolyzer to produce a fifth of the current power demand of the factory. The company aims at becoming a carbon-free company by 2050.

BP is committed to reducing its fossil-fuel production to 40% over the next 10 years as well as to increase its investment in sustainable power solutions such as green hydrogen.

Dev Sanyal, the head of BP’s low-carbon business, said hydrogen will play a growing role in the transition towards greener energy sources, and BP was “determined to build a leading position in this emerging industry”.

Depending on the funds the UE grants them to back this project, BP will make an investment on this project in 2022.

Martin Neubert, Ørsted’s head of offshore wind, added: “Heavy industries such as refineries use large quantities of hydrogen in their manufacturing processes. They will continue to need hydrogen, but replacing the current fossil-based hydrogen with hydrogen produced from renewable energy can help these industries dramatically lower their CO2 footprint…But first, renewable hydrogen has to become cost competitive with fossil-based hydrogen, and for that we need projects such as this with BP’s Lingen refinery which will demonstrate the electrolyser technology at large scale and showcase real-life application of hydrogen based on offshore wind.”