H₂ Vector. Soluciones energéticas integradoras
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We are facing the challenge to develop a new power model. The climate change and the current technology allow the development of the use of renewable energies that are the catalyzers of this evolutive process.

We need a new fuel and thereby a new model, a complete solution. H2Vector is for hydrogen and for a power model at the service of man and environmentally friendly.


H2Vector is a proposal to change the existing power model. It is a evolution towards a welfare and sustainable society. We are a group of professional people with diverse profiles, mirroring the global society, that share a common goal.


The development of this new model calls for solutions that are:


  • Overarching
  • Focussed on our users.
  • Agile


We develop technological solutions by using the existing energy resources so that our clients can carry on their own projects.


  • Implementation of sustainable models for generation and consumption at the domestic level.


  • Implementation of sustainable models for generation and consumption at the industry level.


  • Development of packable solutions that allow maximising energy use.


  • Development of solutions for energy collection. (Power to Fuel)


  • Development of solutions for energy delivery. (Fuel to Power)


  • Development of power solutions that allow the replacement of products in facilities and sectors where production already exists.


  • Raising awareness about the benefits and limits of the different existing power vectors.