H₂ Vector. Soluciones energéticas integradoras
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We are facing the challenge to develop a new power model. The climate change and the current technology allow the development of the use of renewable energies that are the catalyzers of this evolutive process.

We need a new fuel and thereby a new model, a complete solution. H2Vector is for hydrogen and for a power model at the service of man and environmentally friendly.


H2Vector is a proposal to change the existing power model. It is an evolution towards a welfare and sustainable society. We are a group of professional people with diverse profiles, mirroring the global society, that share a common goal.


The development of this new model calls for solutions that are:


  • Overarching
  • Focussed on our users.
  • Agile


We develop technological solutions by using the existing energy resources so that our clients can carry on their own projects.


  • Implementation of sustainable models for generation and consumption at the domestic level.


  • Implementation of sustainable models for generation and consumption at the industry level.


  • Development of packable solutions that allow maximising energy use.


  • Development of solutions for energy collection. (Power to Fuel)


  • Development of solutions for energy delivery. (Fuel to Power)


  • Development of power solutions that allow the replacement of products in facilities and sectors where production already exists.


  • Raising awareness about the benefits and limits of the different existing power vectors.
  • source: https://www.h2-view.com/ Last 23rd Julio began the Olympic Games when the cauldron fed by hydrogen was lit. It is showcasing how hydrogen can be a reliable power source but not only for the Olympic flame. The Olympic city, Harumi Flag, uses hydrogen. It is an......

  • source: http://Ec.europa.eu Last second June, the European Commission and the ministers of Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, India, Italy, Morocco, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Republic of Korea, the UK, and the US committed to collaborate on a clean hydrogen mission. The Mission will last five......

  • source: http:// https://www.h2-view.com/ Aquarius Engines presented its new 10 kg single- piston-lineal engine powered by hydrogen on 18 May. It is based on the same technology as their original engine invented in 2014. It is a lightweight design that exchanges gas internally, thus reducing emissions......

  • source: http://h2-international.com Along these years, several isolated projects have shown that it is absolutely feasible to go off the conventional grid whilst enjoying the same services but making use of renewable sources. The technologies that make it possible have already been tested and their cost......

  • source: expansión The EU Next Generation recovery plan to address the crisis provocked by the Covid-19 will allocate at least 30% funds for Green projects. The EU clearly promotes a green future free of carbon pollution and stopping the use of fossile fuels. The answer......

  • H2Vector was selected to take part in the ECH2A, European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, in November 2020. This European organism was created once the EU committed itself to attain zero carbón emissions by 2050 and reinforced by the certainty that hydrogen is necessary to reach that......