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Hydrogen, EU’s Next Fuel

Hydrogen, EU’s Next Fuel

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The EU Next Generation recovery plan to address the crisis provocked by the Covid-19 will allocate at least 30% funds for Green projects. The EU clearly promotes a green future free of carbon pollution and stopping the use of fossile fuels. The answer to the power needs of Europe seems to be hydrogen.

By using electrolysis, we can produce hydrogen, ideally from renewable sources, by decomposing water mollecules to use hydrogen in the production of electricity. The idea is that hydrogen generated electricity will be used in industry, transport and builidings.

Europe’s roadmap is clear, investment, research, innovation and regulations have to go hand in hand in order to develop Green hydrogen.

The strategy comprises three phases. The first of which ends in 2024 and it will be marked by 6GW electrolizers and the production of up to a million tons. The second phase ranges from 2025 to 2030 and it will increase the capacity to at least 40GW and ten tons. Finally, the last phase will end in 2050 and it will reach the sectors where decarbonisation will be more difficult to attain.

Europe’s investment on hydrogen will be 36,000 million euros until 2030 and the leading countries regarding investment are Spain, Germany and France.