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Japan if for hydrogen fuel cell buses

Japan if for hydrogen fuel cell buses


The Japanese Ministry of Environment is subsidising the use of fuel cell buses. Half of the cost of the news buses is subsidized and a third of those bought before. Nowadays, there are 33 fuel cell buses running in Japan and it is expected that their number will be increased up to 80 along this year.

They will also subsidise the renting of this type of buses to make their cost more affordable for those companies interested. A subsidy will be granted to leasing companies that purchase the buses from Toyota and also to companies renting the aforementioned vehicles from the leasing companies. By now, there are only two leasing companies, MOBILTOS and Toyota Finance, that have been adopted as subsidized companies for the fuel cell bus subsidy project. The cost of the leasing is Yen 800,000 ($7,282) per month based on a six-year-long lease.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has established a target of 100 fuel cell buses operating by the end of the fiscal year 2020.

They will have 62 in operation by the end of this fiscal year, which makes It highly likely this pledge will also be achieved.