Japan is attaining support for hydrogen proposals. - H2vector
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Japan is attaining support for hydrogen proposals.

Japan is attaining support for hydrogen proposals.

Source: https://www.reuters.com/

Japan has been promoting hydrogen as a fuel source and during the Hydrogen Ministerial Meeting in Tokyo, it was said that they had got support from 30 countries for a plan to set up 10,000 hydrogen refuelling station worldwide within the next decade.

“We have put together a global action agenda as a common guideline for development of hydrogen energy,” Isshu Sugawara, Japanese minister of economy, trade and industry, told a news conference after the meeting.

These countries are also giving their support to other Japanese goals, including the production of 10-million mobility systems powered by fuel cells hydrogen-powered such as cars, trucks, buses, trains and ships during the following 10 years, thus promoting the development of international standards to use hydrogen in marine transport.

“Japan wants to stay as a front runner by accelerating the development of hydrogen, a key future technology, and taking an initiative to promote global energy transition,” Sugawara said.

Japan has agreed on a strategy to reduce emissions under the Paris Agreement  and they also have the goal to become a carbon-emission neutral country after 2050. In order to become so, they will have to reduce the production cost of hydrogen to less than 10% the current levels by 2050.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) said in its first report on fuel that the world should assume the challenge to boost the use of hydrogen as a potentially emission-free energy source. The cost of its production would drop 30% by 2030, thus reducing the emissions of industries such as transport, chemical, steel. It also warns about the need to speed up the development of necessary infrastructures and rules.