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Long-Lasting Fuel Cells

Long-Lasting Fuel Cells

Source: http://greencarcongress.com

Researchers from the University College and Queen Mary University of London have published in the RSC journal Nanoscale that they have produced long-lasting graphene using a scalable technique to develop hydrogen fuel cell catalysts.

Platinum is generally used but due to its high cost, carbon support is used to which platinum nanoparticles are added, thus durability is reduced.

Previous research works considered graphene could be a better support material due to its corrosion resistance, high surface area and conductivity. The grapheme currently used present many defects and that’s the reason why the foreseen resistance hasn’t been attained yet.

In this study, high-quality graphene has been produced using platinum nanoparticles in a one-pot synthesis. The scalability of the process will lead to mass production and the graphene catalyst could be deployed in many energy applications.

The researches confirmed the durability of the graphene catalysts after the accelerated stress test (DOE). The loss of the catalyst is 30% less than those of the commercial catalysts that were likewise tested.