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Next Generation EU

Next Generation EU


Green hydrogen is part of a 750€ bn. EU recovery package. The EU has announced the “Next Generation EU instrument” that will create a “green, digital and resilient Europe”.

Ursula Von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, confirmed on her speech on 27th May the three European priorities: “strengthening our digital single market, European Green Deal and resilience”.

The target is to reach zero carbon emissions by 2050 and she also mentioned that a CO2 tax on imported goods into the EU could be approved to support the transition. This is good news for the development and deploy of green hydrogen as well as for the environment. If sufficient funds are available to develop projects that efficiently reduce and reverse the global warming, the prospects for the planet and the future generations are much better.

Hopefully, the local legislations of EU members will work in line with the recovery package, such as Germany has already done thanks to their “Wasserstoffstrategie” (Hydrogen Strategy). The Süddeutsche Zeitung recently reported the 22bn €-incentive to purchase new “clean cars” which clearly supports the German automotive industry (Audi, BMW and Mercedes headquarters are all in south Germany).

It is evident that the EU is taking a new path which might be imperfect but since the old one can no longer be used, we will have to move on propelled by green hydrogen.