Projects selected by the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance - H2vector
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Projects selected by the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

Projects selected by the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

Three of the projects highlighted by the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance were proposed by H2Vector

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance has selected a list of 750 projects classified as viable and innovative investments, covering all the phases of the clean hydrogen value chain.

Within these proposals, the 3 projects presented by H2Vector have been selected.

One of the prototypes proposed by our team, involves an innovative solution for a customized filling facility that provides service to logistic and distribution centres, as well as SME; by adjusting the design to the end user specific necessities, this allows a maximization of the features and a reduction of the cost. The other two projects follow the Vector Series concept, but providing a higher production and delivery of the hydrogen, for industrial applications.

The EU initiative is key to develop the clean hydrogen infrastructure that must be deployed in order for hydrogen to become the fuel of the future and enable the energy transition towards the new energy model.

The list with all the projects selected can be downloaded here: