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H2Vector is a company specialized in the design, development, manufacture, installation, maintenance and management of renewable energy solutions. We develop technological solutions taking advantage of available energy resources so that our clients can carry out their own projects.


From the beginning we have distinguished ourselves by our clear technical vocation, advising our clients in the search for solutions and alternatives, guiding them on the path towards a society of well-being and sustainability.


Our commitment to continuous improvement, as well as knowledge, constant specialization and respect for the environment, lead us to maintain an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System that is based on the following principles:


  • Orientation to the client and the rest of the interest groups, ensuring the satisfaction of their needs and expectations, complying with requirements, including those of a legal, regulatory and / or normative nature.


  • Continuously improve both the quality of our products and services, as well as our own business management and environmental performance.


  • Maintain a culture of environmental protection, establishing mechanisms to prevent pollution, betting on products and services that are increasingly efficient and respectful of the environment, guiding our clients towards energy efficiency.


  • Provide our stakeholders with means and resources at our disposal to actively collaborate in the protection of the environment, promoting a mutually beneficial relationship with the environment.


For the effective maintenance of this Integrated Management System, the active participation of all members of the company, as well as the involvement of our stakeholders, will be supported.


H2Vector’s management establishes and plans short and medium term objectives and programs aligned with this Management Policy, which are always oriented towards continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and improvement of our environmental behavior.


Likewise, it disseminates this Management Policy so that it is known by all stakeholders, and especially understood and applied by all the entity’s personnel.



In Llanera, January 4, 2021.



H2Vector’s Management