Services - H₂Vector
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We provide sustainable human centered machines

to face the energy transition challenge


We understand innovation as the means to reach edge and value-generative solutions.


Our current main research lines are:


  • Energy Storage


  • Fuel Cell stationary and mobile applications


  • Smart energy decision making process through renewables and hydrogen


We develop applications to thrust ideas and provide solutions to the challenges ahead.


The premises of the products to develop by H2Vector are:


  • Customization to attend specific necessities


  • Plug and Play developments


  • Smart process integration and interaction


Our clients success is our.


We study the feasibility of each project; we develop the necessary technology and strategies to fulfill the needs of every client. Each project matters, each client matters.


Our products are meant to provide a positive impact as soon as implemented and we understand the planet´s urge for a sustainable energy transition.


We provide engineering services to integrate green hydrogen technologies with a variety of applications available today, ensuring an immediate positive impact on greenhouse gases responsible of climate change.


We carry on the different engineering phases:








H2Vector Commissioning is to us a service that adds value to our clients ensuring the installations work optimally in line with the specific design of the projects.


Our understanding of commissioning comes from its conception in engineering, through procedures and manuals. It is materialized through the management and implementation of the different required processes so as to ensure the correct operation of the installations and the global success of the project.


Our equipments are designed to mitigate climate change and greenhouse gases thorugh Cleantech applications that maximize the efficiency of the available renewable energy through hydrogen and its capability as an energy storage system. We ensure our product´s integration and performance through performed commissioning service.