South Summit 2021 - H2vector
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South Summit 2021

South Summit 2021

H2Vector has participated at the South Summit 2021 in Madrid, held within 5th to 7th of October, presenting its first product, the Vector Series, a proposal for the SME and Housing sectors.

The Vector Series are Hydrogen based Energy Management Systems (HEMS) that works all around the hydrogen cycle, producing green hydrogen and providing energy for stationary and mobile applications.

H2Vector aims for developments in a new sector of hydrogen applications. The target are applications in electricity, buildings, agriculture and transportation sectors, that currently are non-existent. The market expectation for these sectors is above 300 Mton/year of hydrogen production by 2050.

Below you can watch Miguelangel Ocando, H2Vector Executive Director pitch

Link: South Summit H2Vector Pitch