Vector10 – Instituto Politécnico de Tomar (IPT)

In June 2023, we finalized the commissioning of the first Vector10 in Portugal for our customer: Instituto Politécnico de Tomar (IPT)

This project is located at our customer facilities in Tomar, Portugal. Tomar, Portugal. Our customer is the Instituto Politécnico de Tomar (IPT) and they are studying smart grid systems to maximize energy utilization on grid that includes hydrogen as an energy vector.

Vector10 - Instituto Politécnico de Tomar (IPT)
Vector10 - Instituto Politécnico de Tomar (IPT)

Technical characteristics of the project:

  • Power to Power Unit: Vector 10 EL 4.0 AC
  • Source of energy: Solar
  • Final delivered pressure: up to 300 barg
  • Fuel cell capacity: 5,9 kW 400 VAC/3P/50hz
  • Peak power: 3,75kW
  • Storage capacity: 135 litres at 300 barg and 135 litres at 35 barg
  • Energy Management System: Vector 10 Software
  • Batteries: No
  • Date of commissioning: 14/06/23
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