Projects - H₂Vector
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Development of “Power Skid” prototype to maximise the energy utilisation based on the use of hydrogen.

This Project consists of the development of a prototype to use the energy surplus from potential renewable sources capturing them through the generation of hydrogen aiming at giving that hydrogen diverse energy uses.


We develop an off-grid generation-consumption model that allows checking the internal control of the energy produced. That pilot seeks to meet the energy demand both in terms of electricity and heating of houses in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Mid-Spanish areas.

H2Vector promotes a new energy model based on the generation of a new clean, safe and abundant fuel, the hydrogen.


“Storage of liquid-phase hydrogen towards power sustainability and efficiency”  -AHLAS Energéticas-


The AHLAS Energéticas project aims at exploring the necessary conditions to store liquid-phase hydrogen, so as to facilitate its use in a new energy model, leaving aside fossil fuels and taking part in the evolution towards a welfare and sustainable society.