Hydrogen in mobility

Hydrogen in Mobility – Vector2Dyna 

The use of hydrogen in mobility can maximize the use of renewable energy sources. Excess renewable energy can be used to produce hydrogen through electrolysis, acting as a form of energy storage. The hydrogen can then be used in mobility applications, helping to balance the intermittent nature of renewable energy generation.

Our goal is to provide our customers with access to mobility through hydrogen in any sector and field of application, always in a sustainable and affordable way. 

For this, our Hydrogen Supplier makes it possible to dispose of this new fuel in different outlet pressure requirements, quickly and safely. 

Designed to handle refueling protocols at various scenarios, Vector2DYNA  enables and ensures the smartest and fastest response: 

  • SAE J2601 Protocol 
  • SAE J2601-2 Protocol 
  • H2Vector Protocol – Maintains SAE safety requirements and adapts to customer installation 

Thanks to the novelty of our hydrogen supplier, we have achieved a utility model [1] 

[1] UTILITY MODEL – Publication number ES1290274, Owner project: H2Vector Energy Technologies S.L. 

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